Dental Implants

Dental implants are anchors that are placed in the jawbone. They are made of pure titanium, which is so well accepted by the human body that it becomes locked solidly into the bone. In time they become fixed firmly and can support crowns, bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth.

Dental implant treatment can provide the solution to missing or failing teeth and the problems that this causes:

  • Cosmetic concerns
  • Problems eating
  • Loose or uncomfortable dentures
  • Confidence in your current dental situation

Dental implants now provide a trusted and predictable solution to these problems.

Implants can support crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth. The significant advantages are that it is not necessary to grind down adjacent healthy teeth and the presence of the implant prevents the bone from shrinking away. Implants can also be used to secure and stabilise dentures, which makes them much more tolerated and gives the patient confidence.

Implant treatment is often no more uncomfortable than conventional dentistry, and for patients who are anxious about the procedure we offer sedation to help make the whole process as easy as possible.

Dental Implants can also help to provide a more youthful appearance by tackling signs of ageing in the face that are of dental origin.

Our Practice Implantologist


Dr. Simon Martin B.D.S. (V.U.Manc)

Diploma in Implant Dentistry RCS (Eng).Advanced Certificate in Implant Dentistry FGDP (UK)Advanced Certificate in Sinus Grafting (UK)Simon graduated from the University of Manchester in 1991 and has owned 2 successful practices. He has been placing implants since 2005 and was awarded the Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2011.

The Diploma involves a minimum of two years post-graduate study based in London, Frankfurt and Bingen. Now a tutor on the Implant Diploma at the RCS and a Year 4 tutor at Peninsula Medical and Dental School, Simon takes great pleasure in an active involvement in the education of current undergraduate and graduate dentists. He continues to take an active interest in furthering his professional development, regularly attending courses and lectures.

The Treatment Process

Diagnosis and treatment planning

Your dentist will first examine your dental situation carefully to decide if you meet the pre-requisites for dental implant treatment. It is essential that your gums and jaw bone are free from inflammation. If necessary, these conditions are treated prior to surgery.

During diagnosis, the dentist also evaluates what type of jaw bone you have and how much of it is left. After years of living with missing teeth, your jaw bone can sometimes be severely reduced. In this case, your dentist will discuss alternative procedures with you to make dental implant treatment possible.

Your dentist may opt to use digital tools to plan your treatment by generating an exact 3D image of your mouth. This will help the dental team immensely during surgery because it helps them find the best angle and depth for your implant.

Placing the implant

Implant placement usually is an outpatient procedure and, thanks to local anesthesia, you will hardly feel anything. Depending on the individual situation in your mouth, implants are placed in a one or multiple-step procedure.

Final restoration

After surgery, your dentist usually places a temporary crown, bridge or just a small plastic cap on top of your implant while the implant integrates with the jaw bone. The integration of implant and bone is called osseointegration (from Greek osteon, bone). Depending on your individual situation, it can take from a few weeks to a few months. In the meantime, your dentist will work with a dental laboratory to design and manufacture your final restoration. Your customized crown, bridge or bar is then attached to the implant with a tiny screw or cement.

Nobel Biocare implants are designed to maximise the opportunity for immediate function. This means that your dentist will often be able to place a temporary restoration on the day of surgery, so that you can leave with a provisional set of fixed teeth and reduce the number of visits to your dentist.

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