Teeth Straightening

Many adults have front teeth which are not straight, some people have a natural tendancy for crooked teeth, others may have noticed their previously straight teeth becoming more crooked over the years.  This is a very common occurance, and not only can it make a smile look less aesthetic, but can have consequences for gum health too as crowded teeth are more difficult to clean properly than well aligned straight teeth.

We are now able to offer solutions to this problem, using modern techniques and technology, in the form of braces.  The word “braces” often conjures up images of the metal “train track” type which is worn for up to 2 years.  Thankfully, we now have several different types of braces, designed with the adult patient in mind to be cosmetically acceptable and fit in with busy lifestyles. Also, by focusing largely on the front teeth, treatment times are greatly reduced.

Vicky Lee

Associate Dentist | GDC 81487

Vicky graduated from Glasgow Dental School in 2002. In additional to general dental practice, Vicky has spent several years working in oral surgery both at Torbay Hospital and in Perth, Austrialia.

At El-nashar Dental care, Vicky Lee provides…

ClearSmile Inman Aligner

  • Removeable
  • Ideal for front teeth
  • Gentle guided pressure
  • Corrects positioning
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ClearSmile Aligner

  • Clear removeable braces
  • Correct individual pressure
  • Similar to invisalign
  • Comfortable
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ClearSmile Brace

  • Clear fixed braces
  • Ceramic brackets
  • Gentle pressure
  • Specially coated wires
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Intelligent Alignment Systems

These brace systems are all made by Intelligent Alignment Systems, which is a UK based dental academy.  It is important to us that we have close working relationships with the technicians and orthodontic dental advisers, who are essential in planning and designing each case.  This ensures we can give our patients the very best, safest care possible.

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